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Birthdate:Apr 13

Brendan James was born in Manhattan and grew up in a tiny apartment in the bleh part of town. They weren’t poor, but they weren’t rich either. He was raised, however, with the mentality that you have to work for what you want and you best earn it the honest way, too. From early on, he knew he liked to draw. As a child, he was always the kid bent over the desk furiously scribbling away until his crayons were nubs. His nose would be so close to the paper he’d go home with a rainbow-colored nose.

It was pounded into his head that you don’t make a living that way. He knew he wanted to be creative, though. He went to school for graphic design and got a job as an advertisement executive. Something was lacking, though. He soon found that he wasn’t able to express himself through his art like he wanted to. He was stuck in a box and boxes weren’t where he liked to be.

He wanted to quit his job, but knew in the back of his mind he had to have a paycheck to support himself and pay his bills. He was clearing the back yard after a thunderstorm one day and found a perfectly flap piece of wood. He was going to throw it in the wood pile to burn in the winter, but something spoke to him. He got some wood stain, some painters tape and a lot of imagination and started creating. Through his woodwork, he started finding peace. He found that life in his box at work would go away and there would be nothing but him and his art.

Yea, you can still find him, bend over a desk like when he was little, planning out his next great wood stain.

mun and muse are over the age of twenty-one. this is a role play journal, matthew gray gubler owns himself. brendan, however, is a figment of my own imagination. scary, right?
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